Pull up program day 2

Today I had to follow yesterdays workout again. I can feel that my muscles are quite fatigued and not exactly functioning 100%. I have a little bit of soreness in my forearms and in my back from the lat exercises. I had a supplement to help with the muscle soreness. The pull up exercises in general are a lot more difficult today than yesterday.

For those who want to know what program I’m following check out: https://tangentlife.com/how-to-get-better-at-pull-ups/

My pull up log day 1

I have just started a new pull up program which I am following and will track my progress over the course of the program on this blog.

Today I attempted to do my first set of pull ups in years of not doing them. I have started with this guide on how to get better at pull ups. Today I did the overhand barbell curls to strengthen my forearms. I was not able to do a pull up yet, so I am hoping this workout works over the next few weeks. I also managed to do some lat pull downs to build my lats. I found the lat workout quite difficult and challenging and I am not able to do any with weight heavier than half my body weight at this point in time.

I will add another blog post tomorrow on how I feel post workout. Today I did about 3 sets of 8 lat pull downs. I suspect I will have some muscle cramps in my lats tomorrow because this felt quite intense.